Meter Installation
and Service

Meter Program Evaluation Process

  • – A technician will conduct a survey of your existing projects and properties.
  • – A solution architect and our compliance team will conduct an audit and propose recommendations.
  • – A utility consultant will help you select the right metering technology for your properties.
  • – Extended warranty agreements on select metering systems.
  • – We offer a lifetime warranty on our meters.*
  • * For clients that contract with Minol USA powered by Brunata for billing services

Minol USA powered by Brunata brings more than 60 years of submetering experience to each installation. Our nationwide team of certified technicians can service and manage virtually any existing water, gas or electric metering system, as well as retrofit properties for metering services. We successfully service and maintain 1.5 million hardware components nationwide each year.

Expectations of
Your System

There are two parts to each submetering system: The mechanical and
the electrical. Meters will wear out before the AMR system.

AMR System

With proper battery changes every 7-8 years,
your system will last approximately 10 years

Over time, electronic components go obsolete, making maintenance
and replacement difficult if not impossible.

Metering Lifetime

Approximately 10-12 years

As meters age, they read low and negatively impact cost recovery.

Minol USA powered by Brunata understands upgrades cost money. Your Minol USA powered by Brunata rep can help walk you through the best upgrade path from a budgeting perspective starting with your landline, then your meters and finally your Tapwatch system.