Utility Expense Management


The utility maze is not only cumbersome but can be confusing. Too often, billing inaccuracies occur which may go unnoticed such as erroneous charges and subtle rate changes. Minol USA powered by Brunata’s Utility Expense Management Program was designed to eliminate utility bill confusion and provide you and your executive team with the information and visibility you need.

Uncover and Recover with Minol USA powered by Brunata’s Forensic Bill Audit

Utility provider bills are complex. An incorrect rate or tariff leads to ongoing and incorrect billing, resulting in thousands of lost dollars to your bottom line month over month and often year over year.

The first step in identifying and preventing erroneous utility billing charges is a Forensic Utility Bill Audit. This process recovers capital lost to past provider billing errors and lowers and controls ongoing utility costs.. Historical consumption and charges are reviewed to identify prior provider errors and seasonal patterns are observed that may impact rate selections. Identified issues are handled directly
with the utility provider. We work on your behalf to
recover refunds and implement future savings

Expense Management Program

  • – Benchmarking reports which compare usage and cost for all commodities.
  • – Reports show year over year usage on a monthly basis.
  • – Quick access to data to assist in making strategic energy buying decisions.
  • – System identifies bills with service addresses or owner entity names that don’t sync with your properties and resolve issues directly with the provider.
  • – We identify and recover resident failure to connect bills automatically with our vacant unit cost recovery billing program.
  • – Auditing process quickly identifies leaks and inefficient central systems.
  • – Online energy usage and cost reports.
  • – Receive budget and projected rate increases based on accurate usage and rate analytics.
  • – Cost avoidance and green house gas tracking and reporting to help you meet regulatory requirements and confirm energy savings.

Forensic Utility Bill Audit
Frequently Asked Questions

I think we have done this before?

Depending on how long ago a Bill Audit was performed, which services were included, and how the audit was conducted it may well be time to have Minol USA powered by Brunata provide the UBA. Some other firms provide “top-down” data-driven audits seeking anomalies in cost or consumption. Our audit digs deeper and finds the hidden problems others overlook.

We don’t use Minol USA powered by Brunata’s UEM (Utility Expense Management) service. May we just do a Forensic Utility Bill Audit?

You do not have to have Minol USA’s UEM service to take advantage of the Forensic Utility Provider Bill Audit service (UBA). Starting with the Forensic Utility Bill Audit ahead of entering your accounts into the UEM service ensures everything is correct out of the gate when the bill payment begins.

Isn’t this service expensive?

The client assumes no cost risks for the work performed. If the audit yield no refunds or savings, the client owes us nothing. An invoice will only be issued after a refund has been received by the client, or after verifiable cost savings have occurred.