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Minol powered by Brunata is one of the largest Metering, Billing, Conservation and Energy Management providers with 2,500 employees and 32 offices worldwide. A recent study from IMS Research on the worldwide water meter market lists the Minol-Zenner Group as one of the top performers on almost every continent. Based in Germany, the privately-held, family-owned company brings more than 60 years of innovative metering technologies and consumption based billing of gas, electric, water and heating costs to the industries served. As one of the leading utility billing providers, our global team produces more than 5.4 million bills annually for 30,000 clients.

Minol USA , headquartered in Addison, TX, has more than 100 employees nationwide with regional and support offices located throughout the country. We operate in all major markets providing services for the multifamily, military, affordable and student housing industries, as well as government agencies and
commercial properties.

Also headquartered in Addison, TX is ZENNER USA, a manufacturer and distributor of high-quality water and heat meters.The company’s U.S. manufacturing plant located in Banning, CA was the fifth addition to the company’s global manufacturing team.

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