Pay Out Of Savings Program

Conservation Case Study

A recent case study provided property and water usage information for 162 properties with 15,07 units to Minol USA powered by Brunata for evaluation. The Minol USA powered by Brunata team identified 31 properties with 3,418 units that qualified for the program. The property chose to implement their water conservation plan in four phases. The Minol USA powered by Brunata team deployed technicians to the properties to begin the retrofit process. All toilets were retrofitted with highly-effective toilet flappers, while low-flow showerheads and aerators were also installed. The team is very pleased with the results Minol USA powered by Brunata’s WE Save program has yielded for their communities.

What if  I replace flappers in all the units?

Replacing old flappers can help reduce water usage but using lower cost models found in retail stores only offers a temporary solution.

Many flappers found in retail stores are made of plastic or lower end rubber that can wear out quickly.

Lower cost models break down and start to leak – resulting in having to replace them sooner for an additional expense.